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Rocking horse kit to assemble.

You buy and take home as a briefcase.

Removing the pieces and fit interlocking without bolts and without screws.

To play together, parents and children.

The most classic toys contained in a modern design.

Only suitable for rebel babies.


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DONDO HORSE: Simple assembly in birch plywood

The case DONDO HORSE is a creative kit to create a rocking horse!



DONDO HORSE NATURAL: the surface is not treated and the color is that of natural light wood.

Will the child to color the horse with his dexterity and imagination.

If you want to give it a finish you can use wax, colored stain or paint to make the surface more durable and easy to clean.



TIAN COLOR is finished by hand with the use of lands and natural colored paints ecological and anti-polluting water.

The color finish is satin and one can see the wood grain.

The treatment makes the smooth surfaces, facilitates cleaning and protects the wood from dust and dirt.

Color: Natural Wax, Red, Blue, Green



DONDO HORSE ART is a piece of art made by hand, signed and numbered by the designer Roberto Molino.

The models are two:

DONDO HORSE Mondrian, made with colored stripes

DONDO HORSE Pollock, made with drops and splashes of color



The assembly and use are easy and intuitive

Mounting hooks with savings of materials and energy, without tools, screws or nails

To bring the fixed joints, you can add the normal vinyl glue in the wood joints



The eye wants its part: simple lines, a clean look with a modern design

The pony design is inspired by a passion for nature and the beauty of the animals

The form follows function: the drawing is designed to minimize the waste material and the overall dimensions

The packaging plate reduces costs and environmental impact of the product

Less material = less space occupied and less waste

Do not you want to mount it? You can always leave the whole kit and hang like a painting

The project is completely conceived and designed by Roberto Molino



- SAFE: Dondo Horse is made of birch plywood, a wood very durable, stable and light

The design and shape of the horse are designed to be anti-tip

- PRACTICAL: Dondo Horse is compact, easy to carry and removable

When the child does not use it anymore, you can remove the rocking ... until the next centaur

- SUSTAINABILITY: the materials and techniques are the most environmentally sustainable industry



It 'made of birch plywood, a natural material, warm, very durable and long lasting

The wood has a thickness of 15mm, so it can withstand even an adult

Its production meets precise criteria for protection and respect for natural resources (FSC certification and E1)

It is used in the marine and nautical, sports equipment, furniture and children's toys



The cut is made with Waterjet technique, on the basis of the design is computer designed

It’s an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable cutting technique

Our products are 100% made in Italy: design, production, and packaging



Material: birch plywood nautical quality, waterproof, 15 mm thick

Case dimensions: 73 x 60 x 1.5 cm

Size rocking horse mounted: W 67 x H 48 x D 33

Seat height: 28 cm

Weight: 3 Kg

Age: suitable for children aged 12 to 36 months

Weight Limit: 100 kg

Our products are 100% made in Italy - design, production, and packaging

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